The use of competent technical solutions improves comfort of living in the dormer, guaranties a large quantity of the light which comes through the window, as well as free access to the window and unrestricted view. Accordingly to the principle of Roto the flap of the open window doesn’t enter inside the room, and the window itself is served by a single multi-function button (opening, closing, winding and setting into the condition when it can be washed). Excellent addition to the window will be a variety of accessories, such as external shutters with electric.

Basic Products.


Roto Designo R8 with two axes of flap rotation.

Roto Designo R8 with two axes of flap rotation – a new line of dormer windows. It is distinct in a unique design, modern color (Anthracite Metallic), and high functionality due to the double opening system with using a single multi-function knob at the bottom of the flap. Slightly reduced level of window installation optimizes the integration of the structure with a roof. Roto Designo has improved insulation parameters. It is available in two versions Designo R8 and Designo R8 NE.

Roto Designo R7 with a raised axis of rotation.

A window with a raised axis of rotation Roto Designo R7 is different from traditional hinged windows as it has higher functionality and is comfortable to use. Axis of rotation of the window is in ¾ of the height, that is why an open door “does not get into the room”. This type of opening provides easy and secure access to the open window in full length. Using the Roto hardware – a world leader in this area – allows you to rotate the window at 135 ° (position for washing), what ensures easy maintenance and simply care for a window. In addition, all the possible positions of an open window activate pneumatic pistons that prevent slamming of flaps, thus protecting the user from injuries and trauma.

Roto Designo R4 RotoTronic.

In hard-to-reach places windows with the central axis of rotation Designo R4 RotoTronic suit perfectly. They are motorized, which allows maintaining them with the switch on the wall (RotoTronic E) or remote control (RotoTronic EF). In addition, the window has a rain sensor that automatically closes the window in case of rain. Dormer windows with remote control are a great addition to windows Designo R7 (RotoTronic R4). These combinations provide with ideal integration of windows with the roof.

Azuro Panoramic Window.

Azuro – panoramic dormer window of the record size 2.60 m x 1.70 m opens the most beautiful future view. Winter Garden in the attic? Sun terrace or, maybe, a bath under the sky full of stars? With Azuro all becomes possible. With a single click the big doors automatically go to the side and open a free space.

Attic stairs.

Wooden folding stairs and stairs from the aluminum alloy of scissors type, fire stairs, hatches for access to the roof, which are ideal for your room, and also won’t bother you with their installation. In 1937, the founder of the group Roto Frank Wilhelm was the first who developed and brought to the market an attic stairs. The basic principle of this technical solution still didn’t change, but the technology of production – the best materials, and new improvements – provide you with comfort and safety.

Designo R8

  • The axis of rotation is located at the top – the maximum freedom when the window is open
  • Attractive design – anthracite metallic
  • Safe window due to 4 locking points and one multifunction handle
  • Stylish design – integration with the roof, quick installation
  • Standard fixed heat-insulating WD block
  • Vapor barrier apron in standard
  • Roof pitch 20° – 65°
  • PVC
  • Wood
  • 3 types of glazing
  • 21 possible sizes
  • Opening angle of about 45°
  • 4 locking points

DesignoR8 NE

  • Design at its best – deeper installation in the plane of the roof which causes no difficulties
  • Maximum insulation: Ro = 0.83 m² C / W. Number 1 among the windows with two axes of rotation worldwide
  • Two-chamber insulating double-pane unit: triple tempered safety glass with external self-cleaning coating Aquaclear, due to which the glass stay clean longer
  • The safety and hermiticity due to 4 locking points, convenient service by means of a single multi-function handle, located at the bottom  of the window
  • Design at its best – deeper installation in the plane of the roof which causes no difficulties
  • Vapor barrier apron in standard
  • Roof pitch 20° – 65°
  • PVC
  • Wood
  • 3 types of glazing
  • 21 possible sizes
  • Opening angle of about 45°
  • 4 locking points

Designo R7

  • The axis of rotation is a 3/4 of the height – freedom and security for users
  • Multi-functional handle at the bottom of the window
  • Narrow frame profiles – lots of light
  • Single-chamber double-pane unit with tempered outer glass
  • Factory installed heat-insulating WD block
  • Vapor barrier apron in standard
  • Roof pitch 20° – 65°
  • PVC
  • Wood
  • Block WD
  • 3 variants of double-pane units
  • 13 size variations
  • Opening angle about 38°
  • 3 locking points

Designo R4

  • Quick installation
  • Standard installed heat-insulating WD block in standard
  • Vapor barrier film in standard
  • New colour of exterior overlays (anthracite metallic)
  • Ideal for installation in hard-to-reach places as a supplement to the windows R7 (for R4 RotoTronic)
  • Roof pitch for R4 15° – 85°
  • PVC
  • Wood
  • WD Block
  • 2 variants of double-pane units 2
  • 10 size variations RotoTronic R4
  • Opening width 25 cm
  • 3 locking points


  • Huge space for opening 2.60 x 1.70 m
  • Convenient electric service
  • The patented mobile system of opening the flaps – opening flaps overlap on one another
  • Easy to  care for
  • High quality “made in Germany”
  • Protection from the sun and slopes at will
  • Standard built-in rain sensor
  • For roofs with a slope of 30° to 65°


Wide choice of different models:

  • Esca 11 ISO-RC. Basic model of attic stairs.
  • Roto Cadet 3 ISO-RC. Good quality at an affordable price.
  • Roto Cadet 2 ISO-RC. The solution for high buildings.
  • Roto Norm 8/3 ISO-RC. Premium class.
  • Roto Mini. The stairs of scissors type for small openings.
  • Roto Exclusiv. The stairs of scissors type for years to come.
  • Roto Elektro. The stairs with remote control.

Optional accessories

  • handrails, fencing opening
  • handrails for stairs (left, right)
  • erecting buffers

More information on the manufacturer’s site: