Windows, which open outwards, are also manufactured from REHAU Brillant Design profiles. However, in order the door could open to the outwards, for its manufacturing there is used a wide profile of the door system using a hidden hardware. With this construction, the window can only be opened without tilt for ventilation.

  • Wide range of design solutions through a wide selection of profiles
  • Easy-cleaned smooth surface
  • Cut-off rebate in the frame and flap to ensure drainage
  • The width of the reinforcement camera makes it possible to use the reinforcement with high static characteristics
  • Profile System is environmentally friendly, recyclable.


  • Classical displaced surface of the flap or a flap with bevels on the front surface
  • Rounded flap profiles and frame profiles with a depth of 80 mm
  • Wide range of color solutions (varnishing, laminating, aluminum plates)
  • Availability of using grey circuits
  • Elegant 20 degree bevels on the visible outer surfaces gives the window construction of the REHAU Brilliant-Design profiles an elegant appearance

Technical Specification

  • System depth: 70 mm
  • Five-chamber profile structure
  • Thermal insulation: Uf  = 1,3 W/m²K.
  • Noise insulation: up to class 5 (up to Rw,P = 45 dB)
  • Tamper resistance: up to class 3 (DIN V ENV 1627)
  • Air and water resistance: up to the class 4 (EN 12207)/ E 900 (EN 12208)
  • The solution to perform fillet welds without the risk of condensation

Available colors

For a given system standard colours are available (* colors on the screen may differ from the original due to monitor settings):

Also there are available the colors specified in the booklet, as well as other colors RAL, which can be obtained by painting the profile:  Colors