PVC interior doors – modern doors which are very popular due to their durability and reliability. They are environmentally friendly and unpretentious in operation. PVC doors are easier than doors from solid monolith and have good thermal and noise insulation. These doors are resistant to moisture and mechanical damage.

Door design can be chosen according to the style and purpose of the room. The variety of wood textures and wide range of colors allow entering of PVC doors in any interior of residential and office spaces. In addition, the doors can be decorated with a decorative or colored glass.

A wide choice of designs is another argument in favor of the plastic interior doors. They may have the handles on one or both sides, the door lock can be installed virtually of any type. The door can be transparent, combined or entirely made ​​of opaque plastic, consist of one or two leaves. The shape door can also change that gives a lot of space for creativity in interior design. Doors can be made with aluminum threshold and without it.

Plastic interior doors are very convenient to use. Due to high quality fittings, which are used in their production, the release of plastic door is soft, smooth and quiet. Such doors are tightly closed, that allows the isolation of the room from not only the sound but also the smells, for example, if the plastic door is installed in the doorway leading to the kitchen or dining room.