Vintekss windows have many advantages: heat insulation, sound insulation, tamper resistance, durability, modern design, they are easy to care for. Having our own production, we create both standard and most complex structures, namely window with direct and indirect corners, arched and circular windows.

Depending on the type of window, the flap can be opened to the inside with the upper ventilation and micro ventilation (winter version of airing) and flaps that open to the outside (windows of Scandinavian type).

In addition, we produce  unique windows of “2 +1″system with the aluminum facade part and integrated blinds. These windows are very popular in the Scandinavian market and have been certified in Germany and Sweden.

The color of the window frame you can select both from the standard REHAU colors and use lamination or painting profiles. In this case, an endless number of colors is available. For windows with opening into the room, we offer a system of profiles: