Our windows and double-pane units factory is located in the village Inchukalns (Latvia).

The industrial complex is located on the territory of 2,500 square meters and consists of three main buildings:

Shop for the production of plastic structures. Shop for the production of aluminum structures. Shop for the production of insulating double-pane units.

Manufacturing facilities allow producing up to 100 units of structures from PVC and aluminum per day. Production is performed on the modern automated equipment of well  known European brands Rotox, Urban, Graul, Bottero, Pertici. It  guarantees high quality of products and full compliance with the European requirements at high rates of production structures.

Time of windows manufacturing is  about 3 days.

At the plant there is a constant control of the production process and quality control of the products. All products assigned to the sign CE, confirming compliance of our products to existing EU Directives.