6-chamber profile structure, system depth of 86 mm and an availability of an additional central seal. Lack of steel reinforcement, which saves the system from potential “thermal bridges” – one of the sources of heat loss in the traditional window units.

The basis of the invention – an innovative fiberoptic material RAU FIPRO, which differs in record strength and resistance to loads. For many years it was actively used in aircraft structures and Formula 1 racing cars – the areas under extreme conditions and special risks – and it has approved itself.

Due to the high-tech material RAU FIPRO and innovative profile structure window system GENEO has the highest energy efficiency in its class.

Based on the profile GENEO we also produce window system “2 +1”. These windows are equipped with aluminum plates on the outside of the structure and integrated blinds.



  • The first armor-clad in the mass window system
  • High rigidity without steel reinforcement
  • Due to the high-tech material RAU-FIPRO ® and innovative profile structure, window profiles GENEO ® have better insulating properties in the class.
  • Great window design: smooth high quality surface, elegant layout of windows
  • Tamper resistance  of Class 2 without steel reinforcement
  • Excellent sound insulation up to class 5
  • 3 compaction curcuits provide maximum possible hermiticity
  • Extensive glazing rebate of 66 mm allows the installation of the filling of various thicknesses up to 53 mm
  • Stability of welded elements.

Technical specification

  • System depth: 86 mm
  • six-chamber profile system
  • The heat transfer coefficient: Uf  līdz 0,86 W/m²K
  • Energy savings: up to 76% (in comparison with the old wooden window / PVC window (Uf = 1,9, Ug = 3,0))
  • An innovative fiberoptic material RAU-FIPRO®
  • Sound insulation up to class 5, (Rw,P = 47 dB, with glazzing Rw = 50 dB) which previously could only be achieved with the use of steel reinforcement. Also high thermal performance remain up to 0,86 W/m²K.
  • Tamper resistance of Class 3., of Class 2. without steel reinforcement.
  • The level of air permeability – Class 4 (EN 12207)
  • The level of water permeability – Class 9A (EN 12208)

Available colours

For a given system standard colours are available (* colors on the screen may differ from the original due to monitor settings):

Also there are available the colours specified in the booklet, as well as other colours RAL, which can be obtained by painting the profile: Colors