WCB (wood chipboard)

Window-sills made of water-resistant wood-laminate-covered materials. These sills are durable, impervious to light exposure, do not swell and do not require a special care. Window-sills can be washed with a soft (but not abrasive) detergents.

Window-sills have an attractive appearance. Colours and finishing patterns can be very different, some imitate natural wood, granite, marble.


PVC window-sills are made of high quality material, which is environmentally safe and has high technical specifications. PVC window-sills are water-resistant, durable, shock-resistant and are not exposed to negative natural events.


Modern galvanized flashings are UV resistant, do not corrode, don’t come under the effect of temperature fluctuations, are noiseless and durable. That’s why such window-sills are durable and do not change their appearance and properties for many years. Modern technologies allow creating flashings with polymer coating, which can be a great decorative solution for any house or apartment.